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Converse Rebranding

For Branding, a core class for the Communication Design major, we had to mind-map our daily needs, and from there, list brands that we associate with those needs. Shoes was at the top of my list (amongst other articles of clothing), and one brand I chose that could use some updating was Converse.

After choosing a brand to rebrand, we then had to come up with a new mission, a business opportunity, and three directions that we could take the rebranding in. A client came into class and acted on behalf of our brands, and chose the direction they felt would benefit the brand the most. The direction chosen for me was based on a modern yet retro feel, specifically focusing on the timeline of when the brand started, to present date.

After picking that direction, the remainder of the class focused on campaigning that direction. My campaign focused on political movements, in order to show that Converse has grown and existed during these periods, and will grow with society to be better and move forward. 

Take a Stand in Your Converse.

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