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Thesis - Pocket Feminism

After taking quite a few feminist-based classes at The New School and living in New York City, I began to wonder if other people, in high school and other colleges, have the ability to learn about feminism the way that it is possible here. Arriving at this question made the goal of my final project to educate people on feminist history internationally and provide a framework to understand why this movement is so important for people to understand. 


Pocket Feminism is a book that functions as a dictionary and also a timeline to show definitions of feminist-based terms and dives into the history of the waves of feminism. The book provides a baseline idea of what feminism is and allows young people to have the toolkit to discuss this movement with other people, as well as research more information on their own since they now know the terms and what to research to continue their education. Oftentimes, feminism is a movement, or even a daily practice, that is feared or ignored because of miseducation. My hope is that young people will now be able to have these discussions and educate even more people on what it means at its core.

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